Study and Work Away Service

Find your exchange coordinator

All Schools and Subject Areas offering exchange opportunities have an Exchange Coordinator to support and advise students before and during their exchange.

The Exchange Coordinator is a member of academic staff who will be a key contact throughout your exchange. Many Coordinators hold information sessions at the start of the academic year to inform students of the opportunities available in their subject area.

Arts, Humanities and Social Science

Subject Area Name Email
African Studies Dr Akin Iwilade
Archaeology Dr Guillaume Robin
Architecture Dr Ana Bonet Miró
Art  Dr Sophia Lycouris
Business Studies Dr Nick Myers / Lorraine Edgar

Celtic Studies Dr Neill Martin
Chinese Dr Duo Luan
Classics Dr Justin Stover
Cognitive Science Itamar Kastner

Collette Paterson

Dr Joshua Ralston
Economics Dr Colin Roberts / Dr Nancy Arnokourou   
Education Dr Kenneth Fordyce
English Language Dr Linda Van Bergen
English Literature Dr Simon Malpas
French Elaine Hermina

German Elaine Hermina


Dr Julius Ruiz

History of Art George Agbo / Dr Yashaswini Chandra
Islamic & Middle Eastern Studies

Marwa Mouazen

Islamic & Middle Eastern Studies

(American University Cairo)

Dr Jona Fras
Italian Elaine Hermina

Japanese Dr Fumiko Narumi-Munro
Landscape Architecture Dr Ana Bonet Miró
Law Dr Ana Maria Daza Vargas
Linguistics Dr Linda Van Bergen
MBA programme

Sarah Yaxley / Julian Rawel
Music Dr Nikki Moran
Nursing Dr Rosie Stenhouse
Philosophy Professor Pauline Phemister
Politics & International Relations Dr Joe Greenwood-Hau
Portuguese Elaine Hermina


Professor Caroline Watt (International destinations) 

Dr Graham Mackenzie (European destinations)

Russian Elaine Hermina

Scandinavian Studies - Danish, Norwegian, Swedish Elaine Hermina

Sociology Michael Rosie
Social Anthropology Dr Alejandro Escalante
Social Policy

Richard Brodie
Spanish Elaine Hermina

Sport Science Dr Kenneth Fordyce
Sustainable Development Michael Rosie

Science and Engineering

Subject area Name Email
Biological Sciences Dr Nadanai Laohakunakorn
Chemistry Professor Eleanor Campbell
Chemical Engineering

Dr Hyungwoong Ahn
Civil Engineering  Dr Yuner Huang
Earth Sciences / Geoscience

Dr Steve Brusatte

Ecological and Environmental Sciences

Dr Ondřej Mašek
Engineering / Electrical Engineering Dr Majid Safari 
Geography Dr Hamish Kallin
Informatics Professor Don Sannella
Mathematics Dr Theo Assiotis
Mechanical Engineering Stephen Warrington
Physics (study exchange) Professor Arjun Berera
Physics with a Year Abroad

Professor Annette Ferguson

Medicine and Veterinary Medicine

Subject area Name Email
Biomedical Sciences Dr Emma Wood
Veterinary Medicine

Professor Susan Rhind /

Dr Susan Jarvis
Dentistry Dr Liz Conner