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Where can I go?

Find out where you could go on exchange. There's a whole world of opportunity!

The University of Edinburgh offers students the opportunity to study abroad in Europe and beyond. We have around 300 student exchange partners in nearly 40 countries worldwide.

Exchange opportunities for 2024/25

Please note: 

  • Information in these guides is correct at the time of publishing, but may be subject to change.  

  • Our partners change from year to year and we cannot guarantee that exchanges with current partners will be offered in future years. 

  • Studying abroad at an institution with which the University of Edinburgh does not have a formal exchange agreement is not permitted. 

  • New exchange agreements cannot be created for individual students, and students are not permitted to create exchange agreements themselves. 

Important notice

Not all institutions will be suitable for each degree programme. It is the student’s responsibility to identify an appropriate programme of study at a potential exchange destination and ensure that appropriate courses are available.  

Exchange destinations

Check out our Exchange Destinations Guide below to see where you could go on exchange in 2024/25:

View our exchange destinations on Google Maps

Still image showing some of the pinned exchange destinations on a Google Map

You can also view the available exchange destinations using Google Maps. Please note that the pins provide general locations of each host institution’s campus. 

Google Map: CAHSS Exchange Destinations 

Google Map: CSE & CMVM Exchange Destinations 

Partner guidance notes

Find out more about our university-wide partners with these handy guidance notes. 

Partner guidance notes