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Academic matters

Your exchange forms a key part of your degree, so it's important you understand exactly what the academic requirements and implications will be.

The specifics of what you will be expected to achieve whilst on exchange depend on what you're studying. Your School's Exchange Coordinator is the key academic adviser for students going on exchange so make sure you check with them, well in advance of your exchange, what you need to achieve while you're abroad.

  • How many credits do I have to take? 
  • What types of courses can I take?
  • I'm a joint honours student - how am I expected to balance both subjects?
  • How will my work be transferred back to my Edinburgh degree?

Please bear in mind that your Exchange Coordinator may change so it's important to check via the link below before getting in touch with them. If you’re a joint honours student, you may have two Exchange Coordinators.

Find your exchange coordinator

To proceed with your exchange, you must pass all your second year courses at first sitting before the start of your exchange. If you have not passed a full 240 credits upon the receipt of your exam results at the end of the May exam diet of your second year, you will not be permitted to proceed with your exchange. We will email your Exchange Coordinator to check that you are eligible to proceed with your exchange after the May exam diet.

You should be aware of the following academic requirements of exchange before you apply: