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Academic matters

Your exchange forms a key part of your degree, so it's important you understand exactly what the academic requirements and implications will be.

Your School's Exchange Coordinator is the key academic adviser for students going on exchange and will approve the courses you plan to take while on exchange:

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Students who take a full-time courseload on exchange must be awarded grades for all courses completed (Pass/Fail courses are not allowed).

The exact number of credits/courses which constitutes “full-time” can vary across host institutions:

  • Most European institutions use the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), awarding credit which is comparable and equivalent throughout Europe. A standard annual course load at most institutions is 60 ECTS credits - this equates to 120 Edinburgh credits.
  • For institutions outside of Europe, please consult the Academic Credit Requirements spreadsheet which confirms the exact number of credits/courses to enrol on at your specific host institution.

Academic Credit Requirements

You should be aware of the following academic requirements and implications before you apply for exchange:

Before you go

On exchange

After your exchange

You should also be aware of what will happen at the end of your exchange period: