Master of Family Medicine

Why study a Master of Family Medicine?

With a degree in family medicine, you can change the face of healthcare.

The discipline of Family Medicine is gaining prominence as a vehicle for promoting effective primary health care.

What we want to do is empower and equip individuals to promote the development of compassionate, values-based and academic family medicine. We want to take you as an individual and empower you and equip you with knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will enable you to practice family medicine to a high standard.

Dr Robin RamsayProgramme Director

Why study with us?

This part-time online learning degree develops the specialty of family medicine that delivers to the goals of primary health care and Universal Health Coverage (SDG3).  It empowers and equips individuals to promote the development of compassionate, values-based and academic family medicine. You will become the expert able to contribute to national and local policy; taking forward a new way of providing healthcare that is equitable.

Photo of MFM students

As a Family Medicine practitioner, you will become the “specialist generalist” providing continuous, comprehensive and coordinated care to patients throughout their lives.

You will gain an understanding of the principles, processes and practices of Family Medicine and will develop as a reflective practitioner with an understanding of your role in working alongside the patient, family and community. You will also have an opportunity to hone many of your clinical skills in a structured manner.

We anticipate that this programme will attract medical graduates who have a vision for improving the way that healthcare is delivered for rural and poorer communities. It will be a valuable degree for doctors concerned to shape global health policy through the WHO agenda for more equitable and primary health led care.

Our programme goals are to:

  • Develop compassionate and person-centred practitioners who can understand and apply the principles of academic family medicine 

  • Foster a global family medicine community that will contribute to the provision of primary health care and Universal Health Coverage  

  • Develop family medicine leaders who can promote the specialty and bring about positive change in local, national or international contexts 

Come and join us in an innovative programme to create Family Medicine practitioners across the globe. Working with the University of Edinburgh in Scotland and our international partners you will gain a Master of Family Medicine.

After you graduate

Near the time of your graduation, you will be invited to join the Usher Institute Masters Alumni (UMA) network that seeks to explore a new way of engaging alumni that extends and champions the notion of life-long learning through collaboration between alumni, current students and staff. The UMA network hosts joint student, staff, and alumni events aimed at transferable ‘real world’ skills, such as dissertation publication workshops, soft skills on topics such as defeating imposter syndrome, and more.

Link to read more about the UMA network

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