Master of Family Medicine

Benefits for students

The benefits of studying a Family Medicine degree at the University of Edinburgh.

The training provided directly impacts the quality of practice and increases confidence in consultation and in patient management. The formally accredited qualification would also enhance both credibility of the physician and sustainability of his or her clinical practice and will lead to personal and professional development.

If one looks at current international health care developments, a Masters degree in Family Medicine can deliver great career opportunities; over the next several decades there is likely to be huge investment in primary care and family medicine, as governments around the world realise the potential of these disciplines to improve health outcomes in a cost-effective manner. Individuals with formal qualifications in Family Medicine will be in high demand, and the opportunities in areas such as clinical practice, teaching, research, government, policy and the private sector will be extensive.

Why study a Master of Family Medicine?

With a degree in family medicine, you can change the face of healthcare.

Support and resources

Find out about the support you will receive during your studies.

Flexible learning

Find out how the programme has been designed to fit in with a busy professional career, and the value of studying as part of an online community.

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