Expenses FAQs - Review and liability


1.  What is the audit and review process of the new policy?

The “Audit and Review” Section of the policy explains the audit and review processes for expense claims and points out that University spending is also subject to scrutiny under FOI requests, that can include the reporting of anonymised details of staff expense claims. 

2.  What will happen if we don’t comply?

As per the old policy, if staff at the University don’t comply with this policy, they may face implications under the University’s Disciplinary policy. Within the Disciplinary policy it states that theft, fraud or deliberate falsification of records, e.g. expense claims is one of the examples given of a potential gross misconduct offence.

3.  Are there any tax implications for me under the new policy?

The “taxation section” of the expenses policy states that expenses incurred by employees, which are reimbursed by their employer are taxable payments unless they are incurred wholly, exclusively and necessarily in the performance of their duties of employment.

HMRC has to be satisfied that the expenses covered by the Agreement only reimburse employees for expenses incurred on University business.

All expenses must be recorded, clearly itemised and accurately coded on the Universities expenses system together with the reason the expenses were incurred. This ensures that Value Added Tax (VAT) can be reclaimed on specified items of business expenses.

More information on tax implications is covered in our FAQs on Tax

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