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Teaching Office: Postgraduate programmes support

Megan Waller Teaching Services Manager
Stephen Graham PG Teaching Services Coordinator
Postgraduate Programmes Officers

Marie Hamilton

PGT Programmes Officer

Maggie Litwinska

PGT Programmes Officer
Alta Mene Acting PGT Programmes Officer
Mairi Ross

PGR Programmes Officer

- PGR programmes (PhD, MPhil, MScR)

Postgraduate Teaching Administrators (Programme/Course support)
Hanna Albrecht

Language and Intercultural Communication programme

Language Education programme

Learning for Sustainability programme

Outdoor Education programme

Outdoor Environmental & Sustainability Education programme

Claire Chalmers & Alta Mene

MSc Education programme

Calum Wright

Dance Science and Education programme

Performance Psychology programme

Physical Activity for Health programme

Sport Policy, Management and International Development programme

Strength and Conditioning programme

Amanda Gilmour

Digital Education programme

Social Justice and Community Action programme

Research Methods courses

Marie Hamilton Inclusive Education programme
Annabelle MacInnes Transformative Learning and Teaching programme
Moira Ross

TESOL programme

Lesley Spencer

Leadership and Learning programme

Moray House School of Education and Sport - Teaching Office (Postgraduate Study)

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