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Winter 2014/15

This issue features interviews with author Margaret Atwood and mountaineer Jamie Andrew.

‘Write the best way you can’

Margaret Atwood
Margaret Atwood received an honorary degree at the University’s General Council event in Toronto. The Booker Prize winning Canadian author spoke to Barbara Laing about Edinburgh, writing, learning and teaching at university, and the advice she never took.

Alumni profiles

Edinburgh students
From artists to zoologists, many graduates view their time at Edinburgh as the formative years of their professional lives.

Jamie Andrew, limbless climber

Jamie Andrew
Jamie Andrew, mountaineer, motivational speaker and quadruple amputee, talks to Edit about how he overcame the loss of his climbing partner and his limbs.

Thought without learning is perilous

 Terracotta Warrior lanterns in Old College
The University of Edinburgh has a uniquely strong relationship with China. Edd McCracken explores the continuing work to deepen mutual understanding between our two cultures.

Discoveries cut and dried

Euphorbia davisii specimen
The University of Edinburgh is one of the founding institutions that created the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh herbarium – a globally important collection of plant specimens that today includes nearly two-thirds of the world’s species. Edinburgh botanists helped create this unique resource and now continue its pioneering work. Silke Currie opens the cabinet doors.

When old college was new

Old College Procession November 2014
It is 225 years since the foundation stone was laid for Old College. Architectural historian John Lowrey tells the turbulent story of the beginnings of this iconic building, and heralds a new chapter.

Calton Hill

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Studying in the unique city of Edinburgh is an unforgettable experience. In each edition we share your memories of an iconic campus or city landmark and its role in your student days.

Ailie Reid

Ailie Reid
Ailie Reid is a classical singer and singing teacher who has dyslexia. As part of her PhD studies at the Reid School of Music, she has won a prestigious travel fellowship to research the effectiveness of various music teaching methods for dyslexic students.

Eureka moments

Eureka moments
The work of alumni contributes to Edinburgh’s outstanding reputation in science, technology, engineering and medicine.

Chemistry in motion

Christina Miller Building dinner
Edinburgh’s leading chemists both past and present are household names among the scientific community.

Alumni in the arts

Emma Lindsey stained glass
The arts have always featured prominently in our alumni activities. Here we showcase a selection of your recent endeavours.

Building memories

Informatics Forum rhino head
The University’s buildings are at the heart of the architectural heritage for which the city of Edinburgh is famous.

Closer by degrees

Edinburgh students banner
Many a lasting relationship is forged during university days, and we want to hear how you met your partner or best friend.

Project Postcard

Project postcard
It might seem easier than ever to track down your old friends, but for all the people you can find online, your old flatmate might not be among them. The University’s Project Postcard comes to the rescue.

University and alumni news

The latest news from the University, including the opening of the marine energy testing facility, FloWave; the regilding of Old College's 'Golden Boy'; and the opening of the North American Office in New York City.