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Teaching and Learning in 2021-22

We currently plan to deliver a mix of in-person and digital teaching for the academic year starting in September 2021. We are monitoring government guidance on Covid-19 prevention measures and we will adjust our 2021-22 plans in response to any relevant changes. Based on current information we expect some physical distancing measures are very likely to still apply when the academic year starts in September 2021. Latest news and updates are available on our Teaching and Learning 2021-22 page.  

There has never been a better time to study economics. We offer excellent teaching and have an outstanding reputation in undergraduate and postgraduate education through our range of world class undergraduate, MSc and PhD programmes. 

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Professor John Moore has been awarded the 2020 Senior Prize in Monetary Economics and Finance from the Banque De France and Toulouse School of Economics.

Our research focuses on 'big picture' questions of how frictions in the labour and financial markets aggregate up to the macroeconomy. Our interests include labour and credit markets, development, human capital formation, trade, health and inequality, institutions, theories of individual and group behaviour

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Most of our staff are working remotely due to Covid-19, however, staff are still reachable via email and Teams. Unfortuantely in-person appointments are not possible in the current climate, but please get in touch and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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There are a wealth of resources available to students to support them during their studies, both internal to the School of Economics and the University. 

Find out how The School of Economics' community, researchers and experts are responding to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

Learn more about the School of Economics, from our history, alumni, equality and diversity and more. 

As one of the largest student societies at University of Edinburgh, the society includes EconWomen, EconSport, Scottish Economic Conference and Insight Magazine. 

EconPALS is a Peer Assisted Learning Scheme, available to first-year economics students, which aims to provide insight into the Economics 1 course and easing the difficult transition to university life.

Academic Clans is a student led initiative in which groups of second and third year Economics students take a lead on supporting a group of new first year students.