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There has never been a better time to study economics, and we offer excellent teaching and academic resources.

Why Edinburgh?

Reasons to choose Edinburgh for your degree in economics.


Economics has been studied at Edinburgh University for two hundred years, encouraging students to develop their interest in domestic and international economy.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

The School of Economics homepage for equality, diversity and inclusion.


Numerous quality processes support our goal of excellence in teaching, learning and research.

Teaching and learning in 2022-23

We are returning to predominantly in-person teaching in 2022-23.


We are very lucky to have vibrant and active student societies that are at the core of our student community. 

Opportunities for collaboration

The School of Economics works with private and public sector organisations to help them find solutions to any challenges they face by producing bespoke, in-depth research.


If you have graduated from the School of Economics, you might want to keep in touch with members of staff or your fellow Edinburgh alumni.


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Scottish Institute for Research in Economics (SIRE)

The Scottish Institute for Research in Economics (SIRE) was the outcome of a substantial investment in Economics Research in Scotland by the Scottish Funding Council and ten participating universities.

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Studying Economics and Politics at Edinburgh University has been a genuinely transforming life experience. I have been able to fully pursue my academic aspirations within the highly intellectual and stimulating university environment. My lecturers have been truly inspiring people, who I will certainly remember for the years to come. I simply love everything about Edinburgh, and will really miss it when these beautiful university days come to an end.

Dochka Hristova