School of Economics

PhD Students

Profiles of PhD students currently enrolled at the School of Economics, including supervisors and research interests.

Name (sorted in ascending order) Email Research Interests
Stuart Breslin
  • On-the-Job Training and Human Capital
  • Firm Heterogeneity
  • Labour Market outcomes and Sorting
  • Macro-Theory
Kezhen Chen

Kezhen's current research interests lie in microeconomic theory, knowledge creation and evaluation.

Tuocheng Chen

Tuocheng's main research areas are microeconomic theory, game theory, information design, mechanism design.

Adolfo Fuentes Werlinger

Adolfo's primary research interest lies between labor economics and macroeconomics. Specifically on how frictions affect the labor market and how labor outcomes, such as wages, informality, and unemployment, can be affected by changes in the minimum wage, changes in the skill composition of workers, and increases in social security contributions. 

As a secondary interest, Adolfo is interested in how people's social capital influences different aspects of life, such as labor market outcomes, health, and life satisfaction, and how some environmental aspects, such as inequality, can ameliorate these relationships.

Kavisha Gupta

Kavisha's research interest lies in the area of macroeconomics with a focus on the effect of unconditional transfers and other human & social development policies on intergenerational mobility and inequality in a developing country context. Her current work focusses on understanding the role of education related policies in reducing child labour and informality, using quantitative macroeconomic models. 

Brian Jagusch
  • Applied Microeconometrics
  • Labour Economics  
  • Public Policy
Alex Kostylev
  • Applied Political Economy
  • Quality of Political Governance
  • Principal-Agent Relationship in Political Economy
  • Text Analysis 
Kevin Le

Kevin’s primary research interests are in the economics of science and R&D and knowledge based technologies, initially from macro and econometric perspectives. He will sooner or later likely find himself trying to understand search and matching of PhD graduates.

Aubrey Li
Jiaying Li
Shunhan Li
  • Growth;
  • Economic Transformation;
  • Public Policy


Jinge LIU

Development Economics

Siting (Estée) Lu

Game Theory, Behavioural Economics, Searching and Matching

Jianxun Lyu

Jianxun's research interests lie in (evolutionary) game theory and its applications on cultural transmission and evolution. He is also interested in the political economy and gender inequality.

Tianfei Lyu
  • Macroeconomics
  • Labor markets
  • firm size
Enric Martorell
  • Macroeconomics
  • Finance
  • Growth and Development
  • Computational Economics


David Mesa-Ruiz (student email) / (staff email)
Jenny Peters
  • Macro Labour Models
  • Applied Labour Economics
  • Gender discrimination and differentials
Yuhan Shao


Labour economics

Intergenerational mobility

Jun Shen

Macroeconomics, Public Economics, Financial Economics

Yating Shen

Yating is interested in (evolutionary) game theory, behavioral and experimental economics.

Zijue Wang

Macroeconomics; Intergenerational mobility

Yaoyao Xu

Yaoyao is interested in behavioural and experimental economics.