Digital Transformation

Goals of digital transformation

Digital Transformation at the University is about more than just technology. Our goal is to adopt new ways of working to continue delivering user-focused services in the face of changing technology, competition, audience needs and behaviour.

What a digital culture looks like at the University

1. Every core service and system is fully digital.

2. Every educator is a digital educator.

3. Every student is a digital student.

4. Everyone is constantly planning and updating their digital skills.

5. Every decision considers the available evidence.

6. We have moved from wondering what the future might hold to predicting the future - making proactive decisions and taking action based on that information.

What will Digital Transformation achieve?

1. Digitisation and modernisation of all our core services and systems.

2. Applying a "digital first" design in all our services, processes and systems.

3. A new digital culture for the University.

4. Evidence-based, quantitative and predictive decision-making.

5. Digital collaboration and connectivity.

6. Digital and technology driven learning.

7. Digital literacy for all staff and students.

8. Digitisation of all our assets and records.

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Governance for Digital Transformation