Digital Transformation

Current programmes & projects

Digital Transformation currently consists of several programmes of work, delivering multiple interrelated projects.

These projects are of varying length with a view of completion of all current programmes by summer 2020. 

User-Centred Portal and Notifications

This programme will develop the technology to support a new user-centred interface for the University MyEd Portal, and include Notifications to keep users up-to-date with relevant events and information updates.

Enterprise Data Warehouse

The Enterprise Data Warehouse programme will provide a flexible and integrated platform for storing, retrieving, and reporting on the University’s enterprise data.

User Experience Services

This programme will improve the digital experience by focusing on user-centred design through consistent standards, User Experience services and training to support staff across the University.

Enterprise APIs

Data is a key strategic resource for the University. The API programme will help unlock data assets by providing reusable, granular access to data and systems that will enable developers across the University to get the data and interactions that they need to facilitate their work.

Engagement & other projects

This programme will drive awareness of Digital Transformation and engagement across the University, and provide a governance framework for individual projects that are not part of other Digital Transformation programmes.

Document Management

The programme will provide solutions for collaborating and managing documents which meet the needs of individuals, groups and units across the University.

BI Tools Programme

This programme will deliver the tools that enable evidence-based decision making across the University.

Integrated Identities

The programme will provide a more integrated online experience for users who currently have more than one University account. The programme is investigating options, include providing affected users with a single account that covers all their roles.