Digital Transformation

Enterprise APIs

Data is a key strategic resource for the University. The API programme will help unlock data assets by providing reusable, granular access to data and systems that will enable developers across the University to get the data and interactions that they need to facilitate their work.

Access to data is the biggest pain point identified from the User Experience work undertaken by the programme. Often, this is because developers didn’t know how to access the data, and access was not available in a form that was easy to work with and appropriate to their needs.

Data Stewards will be given better control of the access to their systems enabling them to allow appropriate interactions much more easily.

Reduce Costs

The API programme will make it quicker and easier to develop and integrate services at the University. By simplifying the interactions and promoting reusability of interfaces, we will be able to cut the costs and time of development.

This will increase the productivity of the University’s developer community and enable them to achieve more with less effort and time.

Promote Innovation

APIs will help foster a culture of innovation at the University as a result of the work to unlock data assets and promote reusability of interactions. By removing the need for developers to spend as much time and effort securing access to data and interactions from other systems, innovation in user applications and functionality will be supported.

Reducing the time to develop applications will enable more innovation, and make experimental and short timescale developments more attractive. These benefits are already being seen in the use of APIs in an innovation project which is looking at using Alexa as a way to engage with information around the University.


The security, reliability and performance of APIs is crucial to their adoption at the University. Ensuring that the technical services that deliver interactions with systems can be trusted by those who run the University systems is essential to enable the building of world class IT services.

By giving Data Stewards a ‘Vault Door’ where they can understand, authorise and control access to their systems and data, the APIs will improve data security and system reliability.  The work delivered through the Enterprise APIs service will enable Data Stewards to support innovation and development of new services that interact with their systems, and use the data they have responsibility for.


Enterprise API Foundation

The project will set up a service to enable the production and service management support for deployment of APIs across the University.

Enterprise API Technology

The project will deliver the technology and prioritise the development of new APIs to help support the aims of other University programmes and strategic initiatives.