Digital Transformation

User Experience Services

This programme will improve the digital experience by focusing on user-centred design through consistent standards, User Experience services and training to support staff across the University.

This programme will achieve this by raising the level of skills, providing the technology framework, setting consistent standards and increasing awareness of User Experience practices among University staff involved in providing digital experiences. 

Define UX Services

This project will raise the level of skills and awareness of User Experience practices among staff involved in software procurement, development and service management across the University.

Digital Experience Standards

The project will introduce a standards framework to help to appraise the capability of projects and teams to deliver consistent, coherent, high-quality student digital experiences.

EdGEL Technology Delivery

This project will develop the Edinburgh Global Experience Language (EdGEL) further to encourage adoption and usage across the University.

EdGEL as a Service

This project will establish a process and plan to deliver the Edinburgh Global Experience Language (EdGEL) as a University-wide service.