Digital Transformation


The portfolio of programmes and projects within Digital Transformation is overseen by a Governance board, chaired by Gavin McLachlan.


  • Gavin McLachlan - CIO, Portfolio Owner and Chair 
  • Gavin Douglas - Deputy Secretary, Student Experience (Deputy Portfolio Owner)
  • Melissa Highton - Director of Learning, Teaching and Web Services and Assistant Principal Online Learning (Owner of the Learning & Teaching Strategic Programme)
  • Barry Neilson - Director, Student Systems (Senior User & Business Lead for Service Excellence)
  • Mark Ritchie - Deputy Director ISG Apps (PMO/Senior Supplier) 
  • Lee Hamill - Deputy Director of Finance (Business Lead for Finance Transformation and Corporate Services Representative)
  • Stephen Roy - ISG Apps Digital Transformation Portfolio Manager
  • Alex Carter - ISG Apps (Service Owner for Enterprise Data Warehouse and Enterprise APIs)
  • Neil Allison - ISG LTW (Service Owner for User Experience Services)
  • Lisa Dawson - USG Student Services (Co-lead Student Digital Experience Standards and User Centred Portal projects)
  • Derrick Matheson - ISG Apps (Estates Transformation Programme Representative)
  • Dave Berry - Enterprise Architect 
  • Glenda Growdon - ISG Apps PMO (Administration and Secretarial Support)
  • Melissa Terras - Academic Representative 


The remit of the board is to:

  • Provide overall governance for the delivery of Digital Transformation programmes and projects
  • Ensure programme and project teams are consulting and engaging effectively with staff, students and other key stakeholders across the University
  • Provide collective and unified direction for Digital Transformation, ensuring that activities remain aligned with the overall aims and strategic direction of the University
  • Champion Digital Transformation and raise awareness among the University community
  • Provide senior level input to other University strategic initiatives
  • Review project progress, risks, issues, changes and benefits
  • Offer advice and propose additional projects and programmes of work


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