Data Science Education Centre of Excellence

Our Work

The Data Science Education Centre of Excellence (DSE CoE) is leading on and contributing to collaborative data science training initiatives and projects.

The DSE CoE brings experts in academia and student administration management together to work on the step change processes to deliver ambitious data science training initiatives.  In doing so, it aims to avoid duplication of effort and work with academic subject experts to support robust curriculum delivery to meet and go beyond the current Data Driven Innovation (DDI) Programme key performance indicators, growing student numbers and increasing associated fee income. It works to ensure the content created benefits the University's five DDI Hubs and wider University, ensuring activities and initiatives are linked to realise the benefits of a growing portfolio.   

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Immediate priorities include: 

  1. Landscape mapping of existing courses, programmes, training, and outreach activity along with current methods of delivery; creating and maintaining a portfolio matrix of activity.     

  2. Working with colleagues across the University to develop processes to streamline the creation of course and programme delivery related to committee structures and system developments, enabling training and curriculum development to be developed and delivered at pace and scale.   

  3. Collaborative grant funding bid development aiming to build on the portfolio of courses and programmes across the DDI Hubs in partnership with key stakeholders. 

Further details of these activities and their outputs will be shared as the work develops. 

If you have questions about the DSE CoE, about any of the programme, course or training opportunities outlined on this website, or would like to add to the list of available data science training options, please do Contact Us.