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Internal Workshops

Details of future and past internal workshops

To facilitate its aim to avoid duplication and to identify appropriate consistent approaches to the delivery of data science education across the University, the Data Science Education Centre of Excellence team will periodically hold workshops. Information will be published on this page.


Future Workshops

There are currently no upcoming workshops. However, if you have suggestions for workshops, or are interested in contributing to future workshops, please contact the Data Science Education Centre of Excellence team:

Past Workshops

Scalable Assessment & Academic Integrity Workshop  

Date: 5th June 2019

Attendees: 22 academic and professional services staff attended, with representation from Schools and Deaneries across the three Colleges, College Offices, and University Services teams.

Description: This half-day workshop was set up to discuss curent assessment methods for online courses, future developments, and how we can improve processes to ensure academic integrity in examinations. The intention was to identify how we can find a reasonable consensus going forward, all with a view to imporoving the online student experience. This topic has been continually raised over the past year, and was noted again recently at the Bayes Education Group meeting in February which instigated the workshop. The workshop agenda included:

- How coursework is currently assessed within EPCC (Adam Carter/David Henty, Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre (EPCC))

- Experience with Proctored online Exams (Bob Fisher, School of Informatics)

- Assessment developments within the School of Mathematics (Chris Sangwin, School of Mathematics)

- Group discussion

- Action points and next steps.

Outputs: Scalable Assessment and Academic Integrity Workshop - Summary