Data Science Education Centre of Excellence

About us

The Data Science Education Centre of Excellence provides a focal point for current and planned data science education and training across a growing portfolio within the University.

Data science training is a priority across the University.  Our aim is to provide quality training, delivered by experts in their field, for a wide range of audiences; from school-aged children to individual college or university students; from PhD candidates to executives working in industry or government departments, including our own staff.  The overall outcome needs to be a set of “data science education” pathways to fill the skills gap for a multitude of different audiences, both internal and external.  These pathways need to be embedded in disciplinary/sectorial cultures, audiences and context, and systematically address: 

  1. The learning outcomes needed in each academic discipline and industry sector (and for which there is demand, to make it sustainable). 
  2. The background of existing skills that already exist in each of these segments.
  3. The pedagogical principles that will determine appropriate teaching methods and mode of delivery. 
Illustration with variety of blue numbers on black background

These pathways and the associated courses and programmes need to be introduced in the University’s delivery, quality assurance, and administration processes for teaching. 

The Data Science Education Centre of Excellence (DSE CoE) was established in June 2019.  With the initial core team supporting this work hosted at the Bayes Centre working in collaboration with colleagues across the University's Colleges, Schools, Service units, the Data Driven Innovation (DDI) Hubs, and the DDI Skills Gateway to support the delivery of data science education, data skills development training, and data understanding across the University. The DSE CoE acts as central coordinating unit for data science education to ensure initiatives are aligned and a strategic portfolio of interdisciplinary curriculum is both identified and developed; provides support to Schools who will deliver innovative data science education; and provides a central point of contact for industry, public sector, and third sector interest brought in via Business Development staff and the Careers Service.  

At all times, the DSE CoE works with existing University policies and procedures ensuring adherence to quality assurance processes, while developing streamlined curriculum identification and development projects for the most pressing opportunities. The DSE CoE itself will not deliver educational offerings but will leverage existing activities and programmes to ensure a consistent approach to data science education as the portfolio of training opportunities develop across the University. 

If you have questions about the DSE CoE, about any of the programme, course or training opportunities outlined on this website, or would like to add to the list of available data science training options, please do Contact Us.