Confocal and Advanced Light Microscopy (CALM) Facility

Service charges

Detailed list of charges for the use of CALM services

Service charges

We have to recover costs by charging for the use of the systems and the provision of services. From 01.02.2022 the following charges apply:

Charging periods

Mon – Fri, standard charges (peak times) 09:00 – 17:00 (8 hours per day)

Out-of-hours charges 17:00 – 09:00 (16 hours per day) and Saturday and Sunday are approx. 70% of standard charges unless for a continuous time-lapse recording or other exceptions appy

Charges for continuous time-lapse recordings  during off-peak hours – please enquire



Microscope system                  

standard charge (£/h)       

out-of-hour charge (£/h)

Leica DMi8 live basic



Leica TCS SP5



Leica TCS SP8





Zeiss Observer Z1 Apotome



Zeiss LSM780



Andor Revolution XDi



Olympus Nuance



Zeiss Axio Imager



Image analysis 03 workstation     8 8


*The present out-of-hour charges for the Andor SDCM are for continuous long recordings.

Charges for continuous time-lapse recordings or bulk image acquisition during off-peak hours – please enquire. All our prices are subject to revision at the end of each financial year.

**Special long time-lapse rate: SP5 – a flat rate of £10/h for off-peak usage can be granted groups can apply for. This rate is capped to £120 (total) for 12-14 h time-lapse recordings (approx. £10/h), and to £180 for 24 h recordings (£7.50/h). The SP5 has the advantage of the full enclosure, which helps to keep the temperature constant, e.g. 28°C, and potential drift minimal.  Although it is not equipped with HyD detectors and the navigator module, it would also provide more flexibility regarding the booking, because it is not too busy. The SP5 has its own advantages: full enclosure for live specimen work, wider range of lenses, additional piezo Z-drive, FRET and FRAP software module.

***SP8 - substantial discount for off-peak hours are available as for SP5 (£18/h off-peak if booked as a part of a longer time-lapse recording (> 3h) or bulk image acquisition (large number of samples, bookings > 3h)). The same rules as for the SP5 apply and interested users should apply for this special rate.

**** EVOS FL2 auto – For bulk users, an annual subscription is available at £368 per quarter. This entitles the use of up to 250 hours pa (approx. £5.90/h). All used time beyond this subscription volume is charged at the normal rate of £21/h (£15/h off-peak). 

Cancellations made up to 24 h before the start of a booked session are free of charge, cancellations made less than 24 h in advance are usually charged at 50% of the standard rate. However, if you have encountered rare and unforeseen circumstances with your live specimen, we are happy to individually discuss cancelling the charges.

Fully assisted image acquisition services will be charged at double the respective hourly charge given above (hourly equipment charge plus assistance service surcharge).

Discounts for longer or more extensive time-lapse recordings or bulk usage can be discussed individually.

The facility is open for external users (academic or commercial). The rates will be part of individual case-to-case conditions, please contact Rolly Wiegand for enquiries (