Confocal and Advanced Light Microscopy (CALM) Facility

Training and imaging course

This page describes additional training on imaging-related topics

Complementary training and courses

Beyond the mandatory practical training for operating the CALM equipment, we organise and deliver additional training for our users. These complementary theoretical and practical courses and workshops are designed to help you optimise your use of the facility infrastructure and to advance your skills in light microscopy. The following courses are delivered in the given formats:


‘Beyond pretty pictures’ – theory course teaching the basics of optics and light microscopy

This two-day course aims at explaining the basics of light microscopy and the theoretical skills required for the application of optical imaging technologies. It targets every level of research staff, from PG students to principal investigators. The course is divided into seven modules covering essential topics of basic and some advanced light microscopy. The main modules of the course are:

  • the nature of light
  • basics of light microscopy
  • confocal microscopy
  • sample preparation and live specimen maintenance
  • image formation and restoration
  • digital camera technology
  • image analysis
  • advanced light microscopy technologies

The course is usually held twice a year, based on demand, and advertised via the main distribution lists. If you are interested in attending this course, please register by sending an informal e-mail to Max. number of participants: 30, duration: two days, fee: £80.


Image restoration

This two-hour workshop gives an introduction into image deconvolution (one hour of theory), followed by one hour of practical training on the Huygens Essential deconvolution software. Bookable through PPMS, up to 4 trainees, fee: £20


Basics of ImageJ/Fiji

This is a practical workshop lasting four hours that gives an introduction into the basic elements and functions of the image analysis software ImageJ/Fiji. Bookable through PPMS, duration: approx. 4 h, up to 8 trainees, fee: £20


Other topics and courses

If you are looking for topics we have not covered yet, we would be happy to discuss whether we are able to generate and deliver additional workshops in the future.