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Jan-Jun 2015

Archived news items from January to June 2015

Brain atlas could help diagnose Alzheimer's

A digital map of the ageing brain could aid the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative disorders, a study suggests.

Neuroradiologist Dr Grant Mair joins CCBS

We would like to welcome Dr Grant Mair, who has recently joined CCBS as a Senior Clinical Fellow and Honorary Consultant Neuroradiologist.

Eye imaging software could aid diagnosis

CCBS researchers hsve found that eye imaging software could aid disease diagnosis.

Funding for CJD surveillance & epidemiology

Dr Anna Molesworth and CCBS colleagues have been awarded two Department of Health grants for enhanced surveillance studies in Creuztfeldt-Jakob disease.

Stress linked to liver disease deaths

Suffering from anxiety or depression could carry an increased risk of death from liver disease, University research shows.

Seth Grant elected Fellow, Academy of Med Sciences

Many congratulations to Professor Seth Grant, who has been elected as a Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences.

Imaging team shortlisted for BMJ Team Award

Congratulations to the Lothian Stroke Imaging Team, who made the final shortlist for the BMJ Imaging Team of the Year Award 2015.

Stroke drug could be used more widely

A drug that breaks up blood clots in stroke patients’ brains could be used more widely without increased risk, a study shows.

£2M for Edinburgh multiple sclerosis research

CCBS is proud to be part of the Edinburgh Centre for MS Research, for which funding by the MS Society is announced today.

Dr Fergus Doubal awarded Senior Lectureship

Congratulations to Dr Fergus Doubal, who has been awarded The Stroke Association Garfield Weston Foundation Senior Clinical Lectureship Award.

Dr Peter Connick awarded Wellcome Trust Fellowship

Dr Peter Connick has been awarded a prestigious Wellcome Trust Fellowship for his work on information processing deficits in multiple sclerosis.

Young Investigator Award for Prof Aribisala

Congratulations to Professor Benjamin Aribisala, Honorary Research Associate in Brain Imaging at CCBS, who has won the Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics and National Space Biomedical Research Institute Young Investigator Award.

Link between autism genes and higher intelligence

Researchers in the Division of Psychiatry have published their findings that genes linked with a greater risk of developing autism may also be associated with higher intelligence.

Lancet Young Investigator Award for Paul Brennan

Congratulations to Dr Paul Brennan who was the recipient of the Lancet Young Investigator Award 2014.

Gene study unlocks brain secrets

An international team, including CCBS researchers, has identified five key genes that impact the size of structures in the brain. The team says the findings increase knowledge of the causes of variability in brain development.

Dementia rates higher in north

CCBS researcher Dr Tom Russ has published research showing that how far north a person lives could influence their risk of developing dementia.