Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences

Dr Peter Connick awarded Wellcome Trust Fellowship

Dr Peter Connick has been awarded a prestigious Wellcome Trust Fellowship for his work on information processing deficits in multiple sclerosis.


I’m delighted to be supported by the Wellcome Trust through their Postdoctoral Research Training Fellowship for Clinicians Scheme.

My project uses tools that can dissect the physical and cognitive impairments of people with multiple sclerosis in order to isolate cognition and then look in two directions. First, at the relationship of cognitive impairment to brain pathology, and second at the impact of the ‘disconnected mind’ in terms of resultant disability and quality of life.


My project brings together the archetypal white matter disease with new tools that can isolate and quantify fundamental brain functions.

Dr Peter Connick

I am supervised by Professor Ian Deary at the University of Edinburgh Centre for Cognitive Ageing and Cognitive Epidemiology (CCACE). Ian brings enormous experience and world-leading expertise around the cognitive profile of white matter disorders such as small vessel cerebrovascular disease and healthy aging. In particular, Ian has led understanding about the impact of the ‘disconnected mind’ on information processing speed.