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Use our Toolkits to explore the five different segments of the Careers Compass.

We've created some online toolkits covering different segments of the Careers Compass. You can access these in Careers Service Plus. Dip in and out of them at your leisure, as an easy way to explore career ideas, build your experience and make confident applications.

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To get a quick idea of what each segment covers, see the panels below.


Understand yourself: skills, values, strengths

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Understanding yourself helps you identify what’s important to you, what you enjoy and why. It also helps work out what you are good at and what suits you. You’ll make much better applications as a result & you are more likely to find career fulfilment and satisfaction. 







Discover what’s out there: jobs, courses, sectors 

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Being curious and exploring different sectors, finding out about different roles, courses, employers and ways of working will help you work out what’s a good fit for you.  This will help you narrow down the options and make decisions. 







Build experience: participate, volunteer, intern 

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Building experience can be everything from being a student rep to part-time work, volunteering in the community to being a School ambassador, informal summer work to doing an internship. Previous experience in an unrelated role, family commitments, course placements, employer visits, workshadowing, virtual internships….it all counts. 





Become professional: confident, adaptable, independent 

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Becoming professional is a gradual process -it includes being confident about email etiquette, building or extending networks and business awareness or being aware of your digital presence. Whatever stage you’re at in your career – brand new graduate or years of experience, there are always ways you can develop… 







Make it happen: plan, apply, succeed 

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You need a strategy to maximise your chances of success.  All the work you have done across the different aspects of the Careers Compass aspects will help everything come together. Making effective applications and positive impressions at interviews depends a lot on how well you understand yourself and what you can offer, how well you know what you have applied for and how much you have used the resources to help you. This is something you have a lot of control over. 





 Use the Careers Compass notebook to record what you have done already, plan what you could do next and capture your notes or comments. Save the notebook in a folder or portfolio e.g. PebblePad