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Build experience

Find out ways to build your experience, challenge yourself and expand your skills

While work experience including part-time work is a great way to develop your skills (and you can find out more about that in Discover What’s Out There) it’s not the only sort of experience which counts! Employers are looking for people who have a breadth of interests and skills as well as a good degree. 

Volunteering, activities outside your degree, and focused programmes like SAChA will all contribute to building your skills, broadening your outlook, and increasing your self-awareness.  

Video: Careers Compass: Build Experience
Careers Compass: Build Experience


Find out the many benefits of volunteering, how you can do it and where to look for opportunities.

Take part in activities

Find out about the range of activities you could consider outside your degree programme, both within the University and beyond it

Create your own opportunity

Being proactive and reaching out to employers can make useful contacts and may secure you some work experience or other opportunity.

Edinburgh Award

Take part in the Edinburgh Award to gain recognition from the University for the skills you have developed.

Students as Change Agents

Students as Change Agents is a safe 'living lab' approach for students, staff, and challenge hosts to tackle real-life challenges and generate fresh thinking. It involves students from multiple disciplines, who want to make a social impact. 

Develop your skills

Research opportunities to develop your skills further, and access training opportunities.

Get your summer recognised

An overview of two ways to get recognition for your summer activities.

Insights Programme

The Insights Programme offers students the chance to benefit from graduates of the University (alumni) sharing their knowledge and experience of job sectors and workplaces.

Explore our toolkits, in the self-enrol channel on Learn (in MyEd), to learn more about how to Build Experience.