Edinburgh Cancer Research

Katrin Ottersbach (Affiliate)

Developmental Origins of Blood Stem Cells and Leukaemia

Katrin Ottersbach - Chancellor's fellow / Senior lecturer / LLR Bennett senior fellow

Research in a Nutshell

Our group is studying leukaemia in infants as a unique, developmental disease. Complementing our other interests in how blood cells are generated during development, we are trying to understand how the properties of the foetal cell-of-origin in infant leukaemia dictates the disease phenotype and the implications this has for designing treatment strategies that are specifically tailored to the requirements of infant patients.


Research Programme



Katrin Ottersbach Principal Investigator and Senior Lecturer and UoE Chancellor’s Fellow
Camille Malouf Postdoc
Chrysa Kapeni Research Assistant and PhD student
Nada Zaidan PhD student
Vasiliki Symeonidou PhD student




  • Professor Bertie Göttgens, Department of Haematology, University of Cambridge, UK
  • Dr Simon Tomlinson, MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine, University of Edinburgh, UK
  • Dr Patrick Case, University of Bristol, UK
  • Professor Kamil Kranc, MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine, University of Edinburgh, UK

Partners and Funders (current)

  • Bloodwise/Senior Bennett Fellowship/Sep 2011 - Dec 2016/£809,360
  • Kay Kendall Leukaemia Fund/Project grant/Sep 2014 - Aug 2016/£136,449
  • University of Edinburgh/Chancellor's Fellowship/Mar 2015 – Aug 2017/£180,000
  • Wellcome Trust-University of Edinburgh/Strategic Support Fund/Jun 2016 - Feb 2017/£50,000 

Scientific Themes

Blood stem cells, developmental haematopoiesis, infant leukaemia, MLL-AF4, miRNAs

Technology Expertise

Leukaemia mouse models, transplantation assays, haematopoietic assays