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Scotland's BioTech Stories: Engineered Proteins in Action

This is the second episode of the BioPOD series: Scotland's Biotech Stories. In this instalment, BioPodder Liz Gaberdiel interviews Professor Lynne Regan on how to design biologically useful proteins. Proteins with unusual properties can enable super-resolution imaging, spontaneously self-assemble into structures, or coat a surface with a particular protein layer!

Liz Gaberdiel 

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Scotland's BioTech Stories: CryoEM - the cutting edge of structural biology with Dr. Marcus Wilson

August 13th, 2021

Welcome to a new BioPOD series: Scotland's Biotech Stories. In this installment, BioPodder Liz Gaberdiel interviews Dr. Marcus Wilson on Cryogenic electron microscopy (CryoEM), a  technique that has undergone some serious upgrades since its initial development in the 1960s.

Liz Gaberdiel 

Dr. Marcus Wilson 

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Water 'bout cyanobacteria?: Producing high value products using sunlight ft. Anton Puzorjov

July 20th, 2021

Today we walk you through to potential of cyanobacteria: turning tasty sunlight into a high-product value delight!

Apple Chew interviews Anton Puzorjov  from The McCormick Lab at The University of Edinburgh on his project supported by ScotBio.

McCormick Lab


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Evergreen: How to block viral transmission ft. Prof. Neil Mabbott

June 15th, 2021

In the fourth and final installment of BioPOD's #Vaccine15 miniseries, we have Liz Gaberdiel interviewing Professor Neil Mabbott on how vaccines can block viral transmission.

Professor Neil Mabbott

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COVID19: How to mass produce a vaccine ft. Dr Prerna Vohra

June 8th, 2021

Ever wondered how vaccines are made in smaller batch scales, then upscaled to a world market? Hint: it's not the same as cooking a larger lasagne when family comes to visit. Tune into our third installment of #Vaccine15 to learn about the large scale production of vaccines.

In this episode, BioPodder Liz Gaberdiel interviews Dr Prerna Vohra. 

Dr. Prerna Vohra

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Viral Variants: How to track and tackle COVID variants ft. Dr Thomas Williams

June 1st, 2021

For this episode as part of our vaccine 15-minute miniseries, biopodder Chris Donohoe interviews Dr. Thomas Williams on how to track and tackle the different COVID variants.

Dr Thomas Williams

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Eureka! How To Design A Vaccine ft. Dr Christine Tait-Burkard

May 25th, 2021

Our #Vaccine15 four-part 15-minute miniseries begins today! This week is all about how COVID vaccines were developed and designed with Dr Christine Tait-Burkard from the Roslin Institute.

Dr Christine Tait-Burkard

Roslin Institute

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Darwin Tree of Life: Sequencing the Biome of the Great Britain Ft. Prof. Mark Blaxter, Dr. Alex Twyford

May 19th, 2021

In this episode, we talk about the Darwin Tree of Life: Sequencing the Biome of the Great Britain with Professor Mark Blaxter & Dr Alex Twyford

The Darwin Tree of Life project aims to sequence the genomes of all 70,000 species of eukaryotic organisms in Britain and Ireland. It is a collaboration between biodiversity, genomics and analysis partners that hopes to transform the way we do biology, conservation and biotechnology.  The Darwin Tree of Life Project is one of several initiatives across the globe working towards the ultimate goal of sequencing all complex life on Earth, in a venture known as theEarth BioGenome Project.

Earth BioGenome Project

Prof. Mark Blaxter and his group use modern sequencing and bioinformatics technologies to investigate the genomes of many different species of animals. Professor Mark Blaxter is the Founder and Director of Genome Science of Edinburgh Genomics the University's advanced genomics facility.  Dr Alex Twyford is an evolutionary geneticist interested in the ecology and evolution of plants.

Edinburgh Genomics

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