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BioPOD March 2016

In this episode of BioPOD we talk to Professor Keith Matthews about his Sanofi - Institut Pasteur award for studying Trypanosomes. We also talk to the Edinburgh iGEM team who developed a paper-based biosensor for screening illicit drugs as well as to Professor Catherine Kidner about her work on how a novel sequencing approach can help to understand why the genus of Inga plants is so diverse. The winner of our logo competition is also announced.


BioPOD October 2015 - Ada Lovelace Day special

Ada Lovelace Day is held each year to celebrate the achievements of women in science. This was a perfect opportunity to highlight some of the high quality research output from female researchers in Edinburgh’s School of Biological Sciences. You’ll get to hear about how mathematical modelling can help to better understand fertility in women, a discussion about issues surrounding women in science and how combining different environmental variables affects the evolution of a green alga.

BioPOD September 2015

In this edition of BioPOD, we’ll be learning about how studying fundamental enzymes can help to tackle parasitic disease from Professor Malcolm Walkinshaw. We’ll also be hearing a bit more about the Excellence with Impact winners before finding out how a group within the school are coming up with new strategies to reduce the spread MRSA. We also announce our logo competition.

"Life of Riley" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

BioPOD April 2015

In this episode we present a new BioPOD team and a slightly shorter format. We talk to Gytis Dudas about his work on the Ebola genome and how this might help combat the biggest outbreak of the disease ever seen. We also meet the team from CIIE and ASCUS Art & Science behind a micro-residency featuring in the 2015 Edinburgh International Science Festival, and get to learn about some fascinating behaviour reported in vultures by Dr Luke McNally.


BioPOD Autumn / November 2013

In this episode, BioPOD finds out about begging in beetles and altruism in guppies as well as rams on St. Kilda and the famous Edinburgh alumni Dr. James Young Simpson. We also take a visit to the school of physics to find out about astrobiology and microbes on Mars. These stories and others...

BioPOD May 2013

In May, BioPOD visited the Edinburgh International Science Festival, found out about inbreeding in beetles and a fly that's threatening fruit crops, spoke to an Honorary Professor about his 30 year long career in science as well as taking one last trip to Millport's research station. These stories and others...

BioPOD February 2013

In this episode, BioPOD finds out about an infertility gene in fruit flies, learns how algae will be affected by climate change, investigates how we can save our urban pollinators, and hears about the work done by the famous Edinburgh scientists that our new library is named after. Listen now to these and other stories...


BioPOD December 2012

In this episode, BioPOD discusses phenology, climate change and citizen scientists with Dr. Ally Phillimore, talks to Dr. Andrew MacDonald about the immune system and some media mishaps, and find out about two new discoveries that could help fight black fever disease (Prof. Malcom Walkinshaw) and muscular dystrophies (Dr. Eric Schirmer). All those stories and more...

BioPOD October 2012

We hear from Dr. Alex Rowe (IIIR) about the cellular processes involved in severe malaria and Prof. Mark Blaxter and Dr. John Davey (IEB) about how butterflies avoid being eaten by predators. And we head to the sub-Antarctic to find out about doing field work on Albatrosses in 'BioPOD on the road', and in 'BioBITE' we learn how our bodies control cholesterol levels and how climate change could affect Colombian Ground Squirrel populations

BioPOD April 2012

In April's episode, Biopod goes on the road to speak to Dr Eric Fèvre in Kenya about his research on locally transmitted zoonotic diseases. We also speak to Mar Carmena about new targets for cancer therapy and find out about novel software for better understanding genetic data

BioPOD February 2012

In February's episode Keith Matthews describes a new cattle vaccination and Kelly Jobling explains how she found ubiquitin in bacteria. We hear how stem cells could lead to new treatments for Parkinson's disease, and find out how the university has been engaging with the public.


BioPOD November 2011

Dr Katie Stopher tells us about infidelity in red deer and Dr Ben Longdon explains how viruses jump between hosts. We hear about the work of the University Press Office with Catriona Kelly and get some laughs with Bright Club Edinburgh.

BioPOD August 2011

Paul sharp sheds new light on the origins of the Malaria parasite, Patrick Walsh explains what we can learn from observing nest building in weaver birds, and we talk to the producer of the Nature Medicine podcast, who some listeners might just recognise.

BioPOD June 2011

Judy Allen sheds new light on Inflammation, BioPOD visits the Edinburgh International Science Festival, and Dan Nussey tells of his research trip to St Kilda in Science on the Road. Plus Biology World News Round Up, and PHD in the pub.