UK Centre for Mammalian Synthetic Biology

Our Members

A list of our investigators

Name Interests Affiliation E-mail
Jelena  Baranovic    Aim to understand the chromatin basis that control cellular identity. We exploit and develop synthetic biology approaches to reprogram mammalian cells from one type to another.        School of Biological Sciences 
Adrian Bird   We use genetic manipulation technology to selectively ablate cells within the brain and other tissues based  on X-inactivation choice.  The results will shed light on tissue/organ plasticity and may have therapeutic implications.   School of Biological Sciences
Karl Burgess   Metabolomics, Proteomics, Bioinformatics, Industrial Biotechnology   School of Biological Sciences
Sara Buonomo   Understanding the functional relationships between DNA replication, nuclear organisation and gene expression.   School of Biological Sciences 
Elise Cachat   Engineering new synthetic gene circuits in mammalian cells: sensing modules, reporting modules and actuation modules (e.g. locomotion, apoptosis). Cells endowed with these new functions can be used to sense the presence of specific stimuli in their environment and report or act upon it.      School of Biological Sciences 
Jane Calvert   Science and Technology Studies; Responsible Research and Innovation; Philosophy of Biology; Science Policy   Science, Technology and Innovation Studies
Jamie Davies   Synthetic morphogenesis, tissue engineering, pharmacology.   CMVM (Deanery of Biomedical Sciences)
William C. Earnshaw   Cell cycle, mitosis, mitotic chromosome structure, centromeres, kinetochores, epigenetics and human artificial chromosomes.   Wellcome Centre of Cell Biology/ School of Biological Sciences
Sebastian Greiss   My lab develops and uses tools based on genetic code expansion and non-canonical amino acids to probe neuronal circuits in C. elegans worms.   Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences
Tilo Kunath   Producing next-generation human cell products for Parkinson’s research and advanced therapies using synbio approaches.   CRM/ School of Biological Sciences
Steven Pollard   Neural stem cells, brain cancer, transcriptional control, enhancers, gene therapy, cell therapy.   CRM/ School of Biological Sciences
Susan Rosser   CHO cell engineering, theranostics, crispr cell engineering, diagnostics and sensors.      School of Biological Sciences
Abdenour Soufi   Understanding the chromatin basis that control cellular identity. We exploit and develop synthetic biology approaches to reprogramme mammalian cells from one type to another.    CRM/ School of Biological Sciences
David Tollervey   Interactions between SAR-CoV-2 proteins and host cell RNA metabolism.   Wellcome Centre of Cell BIology/ School of Biological Sciences
Julie Welburn   In vitro reconstitution of biological systems.   School of Biological Sciences