UK Centre for Mammalian Synthetic Biology

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Our history and organisation

Centre Launch Ceremony
Centre Launch: Prof Susan Rosser (Director) and Dr Rowan McKibbin (BBSRC)

The UK Centre for Mammalian Synthetic Biology was funded in 2014 by the BBSRC, EPSRC and MRC and the UK Research Council's Synthetic Biology for Growth Programme. 

Our research in mammalian synthetic biology builds on more than a decade of multidisciplinary research in synthetic and systems biology at Edinburgh (SynthSys). It also embraces our world-leading expertise in cell biology, epigenetics, stem cell biology, and in human and veterinary medicine.   


Our vision is to pioneer the development of the tools and technologies needed to realise the full potential of engineered biology for human and animal health and wellbeing.


We have expertise in tools for cell engineering, whole-cell modelling, DNA assembly and high-throughput screening to enable synthetic biology in mammalian systems.

We are advancing basic understanding of mammalian cell biology while generating tools and technologies for near-term commercial exploitation. This work is underpinned by the exploration of responsible research and innovation, the development of standards, and how engagement with the public can inform design.

Our work benefits medicine and healthcare through innovation for the production of biologics, vaccine development, gene and cell therapies, novel diagnostics and sensors, stem cell engineering and regenerative medicine.