Accelerating Entrepreneurship

Key Themes

Learn more about the key themes which the accelerator companies must focus on.

Climate Change

Who can apply? Tackling climate change spans every industry. You could be using AI to solve waste management issues or improve energy efficiency. You could be in transport, in agriculture or financial services. What’s important is that your product or service has a clearly demonstrable use in addressing the climate emergency.

How can we help? All the Data-Driven Innovation hubs have their own focus on different aspects of climate change and on the technologies that can be leveraged to help. For example, the Space Innovation Hub is core to the Bayes Centre. The Roslin Innovation Centre have a focus on addressing food security. Linking the hubs across the University is the Edinburgh Earth Initiative, which supports University collaboration and co-ordination to manage and mitigate the effects of climate change and can support linking into expertise across the institution.

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Who can apply? From enabling drug discovery to improving the quality of life for an ageing population, there are many ways in which data-driven innovation can support the health of the world’s population. Companies applying under this theme could be working in areas from medical devices to health education. If your offering is designed to have a positive health impact, we’d like to hear from you.

How can we help? The University’s Usher Institute aims to transform health in society. Bringing new healthcare products to the market is difficult with complex regulations and a long sales cycle. Along with the main programme of activity, we will engage with mentors and run sessions to help with your industry specific challenges.

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AI for Good

Who can apply? This cross-cutting theme aims to support companies who are using AI technology for societal benefit. Your solution could be aimed at improving the ethics of automated decision making, it could be designed to reduce inequalities in access to education or money or it might be helping people in a humanitarian crisis.

How can we help? The Edinburgh Futures Institute is home to the Centre for Technomoral Futures and the Centre for Data, Culture and Society. Whether you’re a socially focused fintech or about widening access to creative industries, you’re likely to find like-minded people in EFI.

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