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Space and Satellites are playing an ever-increasing role in our lives. London Economics, a consultancy company, estimates that the global Space market will be worth £400bn by 2030.  The UK government aspires to capture 10% of this market by 2030, and the Scottish Government 1%. With such growth projections, it is an incredibly exciting time to be involved in Space and Satellites. It is an exciting time for Scotland in particular, with a growing role in small satellite development, and with new space ports planned. What's more, there are already at least 130 SMEs operating in the sector in this country. 



Space Data Capital of Europe and more 

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The University of Edinburgh is a Space University. Our researchers work in an extraordinary range of space-related activities: engineers are exploring the management of fire risk in space, and developing rocket fuel pods;  chemists are developing clean-burn rocket fuels; and  astronomers are tracking the skies for space debris. We even have teams developing deep-space probes, and others writing literature about space. Our GeoScientists are training the next generation scientists within SENSE, the UK's Centre for Doctoral Training in Earth Observation. Our students are even developing their own satellite missions. 

The dedicated Space and Satellites Innovation Programme is pulling together a team of DDI Space and Satellites Chancellor's Fellows and Business Development Executives as well as consultants with the goal to establish Edinburgh as the Space Data Capital of Europe by 2030.

The Bayes Centre is the coordinating hub for DDI Space and Satellites activities. As such, here at Bayes, we are focussing on working with industry, governments, and NGOs to accelerate the translation of the University of Edinburgh's cutting-edge Space and Satellite research into social and economic impact. 


This will be achieved by:

  1.  Hosting large volumes of satellite and other geo-spatial data on the new Edinburgh International Data Facility to enable new research and large-scale analysis. 
  2. Supporting the strategic expansion of Space and Satellite-related research across the University, focussing on our key research strengths, and leveraging our new data infrastructure.
  3. Creating partnerships with companies, NGOs and governments to help them adopt this University-derived research and technologies into their operations, supporting the development of new products and services.
  4. Creating an ecosystem to allow entrepreneurial staff and students to start-up and spin-out
  5. Enhancing the provision of sector-specific training, from degree programmes, through to Continued Professional Development courses to enable    a new generation of highly-skilled individuals to develop the sector.

In parallel to the DDI Space and Satellite Innovation Programme, the team are leading the development of a Space Research Theme. This will articulate an ambitious coherent research strategy for Space and Satellites research across uniting the University. If you are interested in this nascent strategy and want to be a part of the conversation – please contact the research theme lead Professor Iain Woodhouse.

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The University of Edinburgh is working to bring the Scottish space sector closer together and introduce some outstanding Research and Development into the ecosystem. Join the conversation on our Slack site.

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Murray Collins and Kristina Tamane present to audience inside Bayes Centre
This is a growing and expanding list of key colleagues across the University working on space-based projects.

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Kristine Tamane presents on stage at UK Space Conference 2019
Edinburgh: A Space University

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