Edinburgh Earth Initiative

The Edinburgh Earth Initiative

The Edinburgh Earth Initiative is our response to the climate crisis. Drawing on strengths from across the University and working with our global partners, we will deliver ambitious solutions for a future that effectively manages and mitigates the effects of climate change.

Our core themes

Sustainable lands and seas 

Mangrove beach and forest in Umm al Quwain emirate of the UAE

How do we feed the world’s population and ensure clean water and air for all whilst preserving and restoring diverse and healthy ecosystems?

The future of energy

solar panels with modern city in background

How do we transition to an affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy supply for everyone on the planet?

Health in a warming world

How do we respond to the links between the environment and human health and wellbeing in the face of unprecedented climate change?

Just transitions

teenagers with globe

How do we support the differing needs of communities from Edinburgh to Ethiopia in transitioning to a more sustainable future in an equitable and prosperous way?

Our approach

Global partners

Flags of the World

We will build on and extend our local and global partnerships, working with those who share our vision and who bring new capacity and capability to deliver positive change.

Research for impact

We will work with our partners and diverse stakeholders to ensure the best research and education are focused on supporting context-appropriate solutions.


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Our students will be an integral part of the solution, working in diverse teams to address real world problems, gaining perspectives and skills to equip them as future change-makers.

Will you join us?

We have announced our Edinburgh Earth Initiative as a vision to deliver real change, and will formally launch in the late summer, prior to COP26.

Everyone has a part to play in making this vision a reality. Whether you are a student of any age or level eager to learn more; an organisation keen to work with us to create solutions; passionately believe in supporting our mission through philanthropic giving; or, want to engage with us for any other reason please get in touch. 

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