Sharing things

Transcript for season five trailer

Transcript for the Sharing things season five trailer.

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Ayanda  0:05  And we're back for season five. Hi there. My name is Ayanda and I'm your new host. Sharing things is a University of Edinburgh podcast that brings people together. As usual, we start with an object. But in season five, we explore further, seek out the hidden corners of our University community, and celebrate connections, common ground and shared experiences. Listen, subscribe and get to know our University community a little better.

Olivia  0:38  I didn't really consider that the way to change the world would be through storytelling and talking to people.

Kevin  0:45  I see it's not about just me and my family, it's about the community that looks after everybody. And if we can concentrate on that and make that a bit better, things, things can get better, things, things can become sort of warmer and generous.

Lily  1:04  It's during these times that I truly can become silly. And I think that having that time to talk rubbish, truly talk rubbish with people can just be so important, there's a lot to be said for it.

Tammy  1:20  And I like the longevity of it because you know, this book was printed 100 years ago, who knows how long I will have this, but then it will get passed on to other people. And you think of all the people who read this book.

Ayanda  1:29  It's less about what other people think and it's, it's more about me and how I connect to my identity and my culture and how I distinguish myself. And making sure I always remember where I come from.

Caroline  1:41  No one's amazing and perfect at anything, right? So I think it's human to have it, we must have it, we must have it to innovate and to strive for change and be better. 

Aisha  1:54  People need you in nursing don't they? They're ill, they need you. And for me, I probably gravitated towards people needing me because then you belong to something.

George  2:05  Look at this world out here. Go into your garden, turn over a leaf, you will not believe the stuff that is walking about under that leaf.

Kate  2:16  Your family are the people that know you best. I feel like I can just completely be myself around my family.

Nuam  2:23  But then I don't know about you, but I sometimes feel like I have a sense of duty almost to kind of be like, hey, if no one's going to talk about this than I should. Because I've got personal experience, but then, you know, that's a lot of responsibility on someone.

Debora  2:35  And when it comes to you, you need to make sure being the first making history is the path that you prepare properly for those who's going to come finish the work. And you guys come after, you continue what has started, but if the foundation is well established, everything else is going to be perfect.

David  2:54  For various reasons, again, largely out of necessity and for mental health, trying to find sources of wonder in the same street that I've walked down 500 times.

Ayanda  3:08  You can subscribe to our channel on your favourite podcast platform, or check out our website to find out more about our guests. See you next time.