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Continue your research and enrich your mind with alumni access to an archive of online journals including JSTOR.

Jstor online journals

Alumni have remote access to many Library e-resources using their EASE login.  We are striving to increase e-resource access so check back regularly to see if there are new additions.

E-Resources AZ list

Please Note: DiscoverEd e-resource access is currently only available to current staff and students of the University. Your access to this will discontinue once you Graduate.

JSTOR online journals

JSTOR is a rich archive of scholarly journals, covering a wide range of disciplines.

The University of Edinburgh has licence agreements for selected archival content and has made this available to our alumni.

How to access

Access to the online journals is gained though the MyEd Alumni Portal. You can login to MyEd using EASE.

If you studied at the University after 2003 then you will be familiar with MyEd. You can use your student username and password to log in.

Log in to MyEd using EASE

If you did not use MyEd as a student then you will need to set up a new account.

Register for EASE

Further information

I cannot see JSTOR in my MyEd homepage
You may have to manually add the JSTOR tab to your MyEd page. To do this, please choose 'Customise', which is near the top left corner of your page. Once the 'Add Stuff' option expands, you should then be able to drag and drop the Alumni - JSTOR section onto your MyEd page.
Alumni can access to almost 1800 titles in the archival collections
Once you are logged in it is possible to access the full text of articles from the relevant journals.
You can search by journal title, by subject, or search for a particular article
Your results will include material that is not covered by the agreement, but it is quite straightforward to identify the articles or journals that are available to alumni of the University.