With more restaurants per head than any other UK city, whatever you are looking to eat, Edinburgh has it.

See and do overview - eating

The capital has an international flavour and offers a variety of national cuisines to rival any European city.

In addition to Italian, French, Thai and Indian, you could try Mongolian or Kurdish. There are Chinese buffets and Spanish tapas restaurants and plenty of good old, British chip shops.

You will also find a wide range of cafes, bakeries and coffee shops that dot the streets. Vegetarians and vegans are well catered for and even eating out on a budget is easy.  

If location is important to you, there are even restaurants with gorgeous views of the castle and the Edinburgh skyline.

Scottish produce

When you’re in the city you'll definitely want to sample the local cuisine (and by that we don’t mean deep fried mars bars!).

There are more food outlets than any other type of shop in Edinburgh, so you won’t have trouble finding your Scottish delicacies, especially the classic three: haggis, whisky and shortbread.

For other culinary treats, visit one of the weekly markets for the best natural produce the country can offer, from specialty meats and fish to organic veggies and freshly baked artisan bread.

At the University

The Student Union offers affordable food, in a range of locations. With most students living close to the University, the Union's eateries provide a cheap and accessible lunchtime or evening options.