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Beef suckler tests

Regardless of your feeding system, blood testing remains a rapid and cost effective method of 'Asking the Cow's what they think of their ration before it is too late.


Pre-planned blood sampling of groups of cows at strategic times in the key. Groups of no less than five cows - which are representative of the herd - should be sampled.


  • A metabolic profile test should be carried out once the cows have been on full winter rations for at least 2-3 weeks to check the adequacy of the base ration.

There are two main periods for testing for block calving suckler herds:

  • Sample a group of the first cows due to calve in the last fortnight of pregnancy before calving starts.
  • Follow this with a repeat blood test 2-3 weeks after calving.

Samples to submit

Please submit two Lithium Heparin (green) vacutainers from each animal.

Tests Analysed

  • Energy - NEFA, BOHB
  • Protein - Albumin, Globulin and Urea-N
  • Minerals - Magnesium and Phosphate
  • Trace Elements - Copper and GSHPx (selenium)

Information Required

  • Details of expected or recent calving date for each animal.
  • Body condition scores, and body weight (if practical).
  • Current ration details, including forage analyses where available.


Transport of Samples

Transport of Samples

If you need further information regarding testing get in touch with us at the office.

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