Dairy Herd Health and Productivity Service

Price list and membership details

The full price list for our services and membership details.

All charges will be levied through veterinary practice or feed supplier. Invoices are generated monthly. Vat will be charged at the current rate.

Prices valid from 1st August 2023 - 31 July 2024



Full DHHPS Membership (£187.50 charged quarterly)

Per annum £750
DHHPS Single/One-Off Test 17 cows max £420
Dry Cow Check 12 cows max £350 or £40 per cow (min 6 cows - £220)
Beef Suckler Test (includes copper and GSHPx) 12 cows max £350 or £40 per cow (min 6 cows - £220)
Pre-lambing Sheep Test (includes BHB, Magnesium, Urea-N, Albumin, and Copper) 1-20 Sheep £200 
Additional Sheep Per Sheep £10
Summer Pre-Mating Sheep test (includes Vitamin B12, Copper, GSHPx, Albumin & Globulin) 10 sheep £320
Other testing (in conjuction with profiles): Copper, Calcium, GHSPx (ref. selenium) GGT GLDH Each per sample £5
Thyroxine T4 (ref. iodine) Vitamin B12 (ref. colbalt) Leptospira, BVD, IBR, antibodies etc. Vit A and E Each per sample Prices on request
Quarterly Herd Health Reports Per annum £140
Plasma Inorganic Iodine - pooled sampled   £27/pooled sample


Full DHHPS, White Gold, and Gold blood testing membership is per herd and allows as many tests (maximum of 17 cows per test) as required.

The usual number is 3-4 per annum but some years more are necessary to get the full picture. We reserve the right to make additional charges if the number of tests done in a herd looks like becoming unreasonable.

The first test for a new member includes:

  • β-hydroxybutyrate (B0HB)
  • Glucose
  • Non-esterified fatty acid (NEFA)
  • Urea-nitrogen
  • Albumin
  • Globulin
  • Magnesium
  • Inorganic phosphate
  • Copper
  • GSHPx for selenium

Copper and GSHPx will not be done in subsequent tests unless there is a need and then they will be charged for at the rate in the table separately and in addition. Other special requests (see table) will be charged for in addition.

Full DHHPS membership

Full membership includes the facility to submit monthly health data for a rate and trend quarterly herd health report meeting the requirements of NDFAS.

DHHPS Membership will be for a full year in the first instance. We shall assume it will continue after that unless notified in writing to the contrary.

DHHPS Single/One-Off Test

Our single test includes a maximum of 17 cows. It includes the same elements as our first test for new members.

Additional measurements are possible, but they will cost extra.

Farms can convert to Full DHHPS membership after a single test with the charge deducted from the cost of membership in the first year.