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Internal Research

Easter Bush Pathology (EBP) welcomes research collaboration and samples from internal University staff including The Roslin Institute, The Institute of Genetics and Cancer, QMRI, internal clinicians and elsewhere as part of its role in the Centre for Comparative Pathology.

The staff of EBP has a wide range of expertise including histopathology, immunohistochemistry, molecular techniques, haematology, clinical biochemistry, biomarkers, cytology and parasitology.

Follow the link for individual pathology staff expertise:


Follow the link for individual staff expertise

Easter Bush Pathology staff

Research services available

All services listed on this website are offered to internal research workers. Collaboration and services may take the form of:

  • General advice
  • Quotations for grants
  • Help with project design
  • Technical services
  • Pathologist collaborations

Protocols for requesting help and quotes

Quotations for grants and general advice

Contact EBP as early as possible in the process and for initial discussion email:


Once the project plan is in place, complete and email a pre-submission form (link below) giving as much detail as possible. We will provide a quote and, as appropriate, find the most suitable pathologist to collaborate with.

Submission of samples

Once quotes are agreed, samples may be submitted using the appropriate form. Please contact the relevant laboratory or send an email to the address (below) before submitting samples requiring immediate processing.



Slide scanner services

Easter Bush Pathology has a state-of-the-art Hamamatsu Nanozoomer slide scanner that is available for use. This service is provided by the Centre for Comparative pathology of the University of Edinburgh.


£20.00 per hour (ex VAT)

Please contact ebp.enquiries@ed.ac.uk to arrange scanning.

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