Easter Bush Pathology

Wildlife pathology

Our Wildlife unit, based at the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, is a collaborative centre for studies of disease in Scottish wildlife.

The aim of the unit is to improve our understanding of disease in Scottish wildlife, particularly the effects of natural disease and human intervention on populations of native terrestrial mammals. The centre currently has projects on red squirrels, otters, foxes, deer and hedgehogs.

Red squirrels

In collaboration with Moredun Research Institute, Professor Elspeth Milne and Dr Jorge del Pozo have ongoing studies of a wide range of diseases in red squirrels, particularly squirrelpox virus.


The Scottish otter mortality study was established by Dr Adrian Philbey in collaboration with the International Union for Conservation of Nature Otter Group, International Otter Survival Fund, Scottish Natural Heritage and University of Glasgow. The aim of the study is to investigate causes of mortality in Scottish otters and to monitor populations for emerging infectious diseases. An archive of tissue samples is being created for future genetic, infectious disease and toxicology studies.


Dr Adrian Philbey has been involved in studies on infectious canine hepatitis and leptospirosis in red foxes and is currently investigating parasitic disease in foxes, including Angiostrongylus vasorum.


We have an interest in deer pathology and have a number of collaborative projects. Contact Dr Adrian Philbey for more information.


Dr Adrian Philbey is investigating diseases of wild and rehabilitated hedgehogs in Scotland.

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