Supporting Evidence-Based Interventions (SEBI)

Connecting the livestock community

We strive to improve the livestock evidence base through collaborations, and engage with the community to generate innovative solutions.

SEBI seeks to mobilise the global livestock data community to work together to support better evidence-based decisions for livestock smallholders in low and middle-income countries. Existing data is disparate, hard to find, and rarely follows common conventions. Data producers and data users are disconnected, resulting in missed opportunities to tackle critical problems. Connection is at the core of everything we do, and we strive to build an evidence base through collaborations, and engage with the community to test ideas and approaches, and generate solutions. All evidence and tools generated will be shared to benefit of the wider global community. 

Livestock Data for Decisions (LD4D) Community of Practice

The LD4D community of practice (CoP) was established in 2017, bringing together data producers, data users, livestock advocates, and other key actors from among academia, industry, not-for-profit and funding agencies. The LD4D community aims to drive informed livestock decision-making by connecting key actors to make better use of existing data and analysis, and collaborate on new and innovative data solutions.

The CoP aims to help data suppliers and data users interact effectively, by offering a forum to discuss livestock data issues and best practices, and encouraging members to share, collaborate and tackle problems jointly.

The core activities of the community are delivered through Working Groups, which tackle high-priority data-related challenges set out by investors. These include, for example, standards, modelling and measuring impact. LD4D is spurring thinking and understanding of data and data use, and sharing these insights through the Livestock Fact Check series, topical discussion papers and webinars.  Community members stay connected through regular in-person and virtual meetings, newsletters, a community blog and social media. The community can evolve to respond to changing needs, and over time has helped to strengthen relationships and generate important innovations. Find out more at

As we help to strengthen the evidence base for the livestock sector in low and middle-income countries, we want to ensure that data is findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable (FAIR), and thus an asset to decision makers and the global livestock community.

Set to launch mid-2019, will be a central, open access repository for all evidence generated through The Hub, as well as evidence that result from collaborations of the LD4D community.

Through we will encourage better harmonisation of data, to improve how livestock data is collected, stored and interpreted. We will lead on supporting analysis and guiding discussion on data improvements across the sector.