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Veterinary Nursing Skills Online Resource

Veterinary Nursing Skills is a free online resource

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About the resource

Veterinary Nursing Skills is a free online resource. It covers the principles and practice of veterinary nursing of dogs and cats in the veterinary clinic. The resources will enable you to recognise the interaction between nursing care, health and behaviour, and the importance of this interaction in improving patient welfare and clinical outcomes. The resources will be useful for both qualified and student veterinary nurses, and as a teaching resource for the veterinary nurse lecturer.

The resource is divided into units, including:

  • Anatomy and physiology                             
  • Wound management and bandaging          
  • Animal handling and behaviour                  
  • Supporting anaesthesia and analgesia
  • Record keeping and infection control         
  • Emergency and critical care
  • Animal welfare and inpatient care              
  • Small animal fluid therapy
  • Clinical Skills                                               
  • Supporting diagnostic imaging                    
  • Supporting operating room practice           


This resource is designed to provide useful information as a refresher or teaching aid and should not be viewed as a complete course in veterinary nursing. Completion of all aspects of this resource should not be considered as a formal qualification in veterinary nursing.

Introduction Video

Watch the short video which provides an overview of the resource.


If you would like free access to the resource (initially for one year but extensions are easily provided), please complete the registration form (below) and you will be sent further information.