The Jeanne Marchig International Centre for Animal Welfare Education

Resources - Animal Handling and Behaviour

Resources on animal handling and behaviour.

The following resources are aimed at those looking after animals, such as the vet nurse, shelter carer, as well as the cat or dog owner. 

The resources provide an insight into the normal social structure of cats and dogs, how cats and dogs behave naturally, how to prevent future behavioural problems, and how to handle cats and dogs safely whilst recognising what their body language is communicating to us.




Online Course


We are delighted to offer FREE courses: 'The Truth About Cats and Dogs' and 'Animal Behaviour and Welfare',  through Coursera. The courses are 'On-Demand' and so you can sign up and begin studying at any point throughout the year. 

You can register your interest on the Coursera website here:

The Truth About Cats and Dogs

Topics are covered on a week-by-week basis and include:

  1. The appliance of science
  2. Ethology
  3. Sense and sensibility
  4. Living with humans
  5. Can we do better?

The majority of the videos on this course have translations in English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and Greek. Other language transcripts have been kindly translated by volunteers which range from Italian to Arabic but it is varied for each video.