Conservation Science

Interventions in Wild Animal Health

This practical course in India is offered collaboratively by The Zoological Society of London (ZSL), The Wildlife Institute of India (WII) and The University of Edinburgh (UoE).

Participants must be qualified veterinarians. They will carry out a variety of practical and theoretical work, and are given as many chances as possible to have a hands-on learning experience. Tuition will be carried out in the field to develop skills in human-livestock wildlife conflict management, translocation techniques, disease outbreak investigation, forensic investigation and monitoring of the health of declining species. It will include techniques for field monitoring of wildlife (using a range of techniques including animal tracks and signs, dung/pellet identification and quantification, census techniques, camera trapping, and radio telemetry), biological management, visual health monitoring of free-living animals, best practice in wild animal anaesthesia techniques, demonstration and hands-on practice, clinical examination in the field, sampling techniques for infectious disease screening, pathological examination in the field, and disease surveillance scenarios.

More information, course dates and costs are available on the IWAH website.