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Our innovative thinking, world-class research and strong strategic partnerships help to shape and inform advances in health and care across the globe.

Large scale data, large scale impact

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Health data collected in the real world offer a hugely valuable resource to improve our understanding of diseases and treatments, with the ability to monitor trends and changes in near real-time. At Usher, we use routinely collected large-scale data, making research more efficient and effective.

Data science across the globe

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At Usher, we collaborate with partners around the world, harnessing the power of data science to improve the health of populations. Together, we build a better understanding of the global burden of disease, support decision-making and the cost-effective delivery of treatments.

Accelerating innovation

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Putting data at the centre of responses to health and social care system challenges is crucial to improving services through research, innovation and planning. At Usher we are creating a world leading hub for innovation, with active collaboration between clinical, academic and entrepreneurial colleagues – developing scalable solutions to transform the delivery of care and improve outcomes for people in Scotland and around the world.

Cross-discipline thinking

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Our vibrant, multi-disciplinary environment brings together inquiring minds across traditional medicine and public health through to social science, engineering and beyond. We have expertise in machine learning, artificial intelligence and robotics coming together with clinical understanding to drive forward the future of care. To succeed, we must work together.

Clinical connections

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At Usher we recognise the importance of connecting with practitioners to drive research and innovation that translates into practice. Our team includes clinical academics from primary and secondary care, including doctors and nurses, as well as public health professionals. We manage our own general practice here in Edinburgh, and have close links with care homes and hospices. This wealth of expertise from diverse real world experience in health and care underpins our excellence in applied research, innovation and teaching.

Vibrant health innovation district

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The Usher Building is at the heart of the growing health innovation district of the Edinburgh BioQuarter – on a fast-growing campus including other Institutes within the Edinburgh Medical School at The University of Edinburgh as well as Scottish Enterprise and NHS partners. This ecosystem is grounded in the Edinburgh and South East Scotland region, while supporting growth and development internationally.

Clinical trials and cohort studies

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Usher is home to the Edinburgh Clinical Trials Unit – who develop, design and deliver world-class clinical trials. With health economic, methodological and statistical expertise the team support at all stages of the development and progress of clinical trials from trial planning to trial delivery and reporting. Teams across Usher lead large cohort studies, engaging and supporting volunteers who enroll on these studies as well as pushing forward methodologies including large scale clinical data linkage to maximise the value of research data collected.

Informed by public views

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Public trust is paramount to health data research. The public must have confidence that their privacy is robustly protected with appropriate restrictions and safeguards, and data are only used where there is clear public benefit. We work together with the public and across disciplinary boundaries to ensure a focus on responsible and ethical use of data and real-world validity.

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