Scottish Health and Ethnicity Linkage Study

This study is no longer active as funding ended in 2017.

Publication of SHELS papers is ongoing, however – please see “Key Publications” section below.

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SHELS aims to examine the relationship or link between a person's ethnic group and a number of important health issues which affect the Scottish population. SHELS began in 2003 and is now in its fourth phase.

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Many areas have been considered including cardiovascular disease, cancer, mental health, maternal and child health, respiratory disease, infectious and parasitic diseases and uptake of breast and bowel cancer screening

Mixed Ethnicity Group

The Panel currently comprises 18 men and women of different ethnicities and ages. The Panel helps the research team to understand what the people of Scotland think about the SHELS project and to improve public awareness of the research.

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Over 15 papers have been published so far, showing important health variations and similarities between different ethnic groups across Scotland

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Links to a number of key papers published to date