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How to Live and Die Well: a video for the public, patients and family carers (Group format)

This video is intended for facilitated group viewing and discussion. It is the group format of How to Live and Die Well: a video for the public, patients and family carers.

The group format includes the full How to Live and Die Well video, followed by an extended version which highlights pause points and discussion questions. You may wish to show this video to a group of people to help talk about living and dying well.

For guidance on running a group viewing and suggested discussion questions please refer to the acompanying documents:


This video explains the reasons for early palliative care

This short video is for everyone. It’s for people who are well just now, but may get a serious illness or life-threatening condition in the future. For people who are currently living with progressive illness. And for family members and carers of those who are ill or may become ill, who want to learn what can happen in the future so they can plan ahead.

A common misconception is that palliative care is only for the last few days or weeks of life, or only for those with cancer. However, palliative care may begin at diagnosis, and take place alongside treatment (World Health Organization). Patients, families and clinicians can all benefit from carefully integrating early palliative care with on-going treatment so people can both live and die well. Early palliative care improves life’s quality and in some cases, may even prolong life.

The video has some ideas and suggestions about how to plan ahead and what professionals can do to help. We recommend that you talk to your own doctor, nurse or carer about what this means for you. Each country has different legal requirements about health and care decision-making. Everyone is different so it is important to speak to someone who knows you and can help you and your family.

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The information in this video is based on detailed research with patients, families, doctors, nurses and other health and care professionals about people's experiences living with declining health and dying. 'Palliative Care from Diagnosis to Death' was published in February 2017 in the BMJ. 

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If you are watching this video on your own, or want the version without pause breaks, please see the video inteded for individual viewing