Primary Palliative Care Research Group

Primary palliative care has great potential to deliver end-of-life care.  Our work seeks to address the key challenges of providing care for all illnesses, at all times, for all dimensions of need, in all settings and in all nations.  The five major, and two cross-cutting, themes of the work in this group explore these key challenges.

A multi-disciplinary team, based at the University of Edinburgh with strong international links. Working to improve end of life care in the community.

We have strong links within the UK and Internationally. Collaborators within palliative care hospitals and the community allow multi-disciplinary research.

The PPCRG contribute to setting the agenda for the education of current and future healthcare professionals in the field of palliative care - particularly undergraduate medical students and general practitioners.

We would like to highlight a number of resources which we recommend will help in the development of palliative care research, teaching and delivery in the community. These include resources on how to identify, assess and to plan care.