Advanced Care Research Centre

PhD studentships

The ACRC is offering intensive 48-month, structured thematic programmes of PhDs with Integrated Study in Advanced Care.

Current PhD Studentships


The ACRC Academy will be based at the Biocubes, Little France.

The 2022 ACRC Academy Studentships are now open. Please see below for a list of the available PhDs. 

We are running a rolling recruitment process. Projects will be advertised until they are recruited to, and you are advised to apply as early as possible to maximise your chances.


It is essential to read the the How to Apply section of our website before you apply: View Website


The following projects are currently available through the ACRC Academy.


Title Principal Supervisor Assistant Supervisor(s)
Allostatic load in later life: How does neighbourhood 'get under the skin'? Dr Alan Marshall: Prof Jamie Pearce:, Prof Catherine Ward Thomson: 
Automated measurement of recreational reading performance on electronic devices as an indicator of visual frailty diagnostic aid and in ageing Prof Bal Dhillon: Prof Ian Underwood:
Caring for the Carers: co-producing interventions to improve the self-reported health of unpaid carers Dr Sue Lewis: Dr Andrew Kingston:
Causal data-driven insight and prediction in care Prof Sotirios A Tsaftaris: Prof Ewen Harrison:
Co-creating "Narratives of Usefulness": advancing self-care through empathy-oriented digital device interventions with an ageing population Dr Arno Verhoeveno: Prof Ian Underwood:, Prof John Vines:
Data- and process-driven monitoring of Activities of Daily Living to predict health outcomes Dr Petros Papapanagiotou: Dr Atul Anand:, Prof John Vines:, Dr Phillip Whitehead:
Developing new approaches to participatory design for advanced care technologies in later life Prof John Vines: Katie Brittain:
Effective Voice: using a digital engagement platform to achieve fair work in elder social care Prof. Heather Wilkinson: Prof. Lynne Corner:
Explainable machine learning for risk prediction in later life care Dr Chen Qin: Dr Atul Anand:, Prof Sotirios Tsaftaris:
Governance for Trusted Integrated Care Infrastructure Prof Robin Williams: Dr Kathrin Cresswell:, Prof Stuart Anderson:
Identifying and resolving the ethical challenges of the use of AI and robotics in supporting elderly people in the community Prof Stephen Osborne: Prof Jacques Fleuriot:, Prof John Vines:
Independence in the 'Elder Experience' Prof Robin Williams: Dr Ram Ramamoorthy:, Dr Luciana D’Adderio:, Prof Stuart Anderson -
Investigating people with multimorbidity to support unscheduled care in later life using machine learning based predictive models Dr Ting Shi: Dr Nazir Lone:, Dr Sohan Seth -

New technology for the remote assessment of anxiety in older people

Dr Javier Escudero: Dr Lucy Stirland:, Dr Azucena Guzman:
Neighbourhood and health in later life: a mixed methods study Dr Alan Marshall: Dr Sue Lewis:
Sensing in the community – Wearables and other sensors for at home monitoring of health and wellbeing Dr Stewart Smith: Dr Liesbeth Tip:,  Dr Kasia Banas:
Understanding and clustering trajectories of multimorbidity Prof Sohan Seth: Prof Bruce Guthrie:, Prof Paolo Missier:
The use of restrictive practices with people with diminished capacity in care settings Professor Heather Wilkinson: Dr Tom Russ:, Dr Susan Shenkin:
Towards a method and system for widespread inexpensive unobtrusive continuous measurement and analysis of tremor as one indicator of frailty in an ageing population Prof Ian Underwood: Dr Patrick Kearns:, Dr Arno Verhoeven: