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Frequently asked questions on funding and applying for the Advanced Care Research Centre Academy PhD studentships.

Applications are now closed.


1. What is the ACRC Academy

The Academy for Leadership and Training in Advanced Care will develop the next generation of leaders in this field who are both excellent in their core disciplines and skilled in working widely across disciplines and sectors. The core degree is a thematic, structured, enterprise oriented, cohort‐based 4‐year PhD with Integrated Study. Full details available here.


2. What is the application process?

Students must apply using the University of Edinburgh’s application process.

Instructions are available here.


3. What main characteristics and experiences are you looking for in an applicant?

We are looking for a diverse range of applicants in order to satisfy the interdisciplinary nature of the ACRC. We aim to select a cohort of students, who together will represent the 3 University Colleges, College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences, College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine, College of Science & Engineering

Most importantly the student must have relevant experience and should demonstrate substantial interest in the field of care for those in later life. 


4. What materials will be covered in the one-year taught Programme?

Semester 1


Course title



The Challenges of Ageing and Care



Introduction to Interdisciplinary Research and Innovation



Systematic Reviews for Public Health






Semester 2


Course title



Research Methodologies & Methods in Ageing and Care                          



Interdisciplinary Group Challenge in Ageing and Care






Summer / Teaching Block 5 and Beyond





Individual Project in Ageing & Care                                                                    



For more details please see DPT: Advanced Care (PhD with Integrated Study) - 4 Years (Full-time) (PRPHDADVCA1F)

5. In terms of funding, what will it cover and how much is the stipend?

The funding will cover all fees, with an allowance for research travel, secondments and research.

The above market 2023/4 stipend was, for example, £19,684 per year, with a small annual increment.


6. Will students be working on projects with other students or is it all individual based?

There will be a range of cohort-based activities where you can engage with other members of the cohort for challenges or projects. Your PhD is done individually, although you will benefit from the experience and assistance of all ACRC academics and research assistants.


7. Can I self-fund and join the ACRC Academy cohort?

Please email to discuss an application for a self-funded place.


8. Can I miss the training year and go straight into the PhD?

No, you must join the training year as it is an essential component of the 4-year programme.


9. Where will we be based?

The ACRC Academy will share a space with the ACRC at the Usher Building at Edinburgh Bioquarter, Little France. All Programme Management personnel and workpackage researchers are based there, and ACRC Academy students are based there for their training year.

We expect that students will have the opportunity to meet and work with ACRC researchers thereby experiencing real research in action as they participate in the training year.


10. I’m not an engineer, why am I applying for an engineering programme?

This is not an engineering qualification, but as this is an interdisciplinary programme, it needs an administrative ‘home’, which is in the School of Engineering. To reflect the interdisciplinary nature of this programme we draw on supervisors from across the university, and the compulsory courses span all three Colleges of the University of Edinburgh.  


11. My supervisor is in a different area of the University, how does that work?

You will be based in the Usher Building for your training year, and will move to your lead supervisor’s School/Unit for your research phase.


12. Why are there more projects advertised than student places available? 

Students will be selected on the basis of their individual strengths and to create an interdisciplinary cohort. Students select a PhD from those advertised.


13. Do you have places for students with international fees status?

We have a limited number of fully funded places for students with international fees status. You do not need to apply separately for funding - an application to the programme is also an application for funding. 


14. Do I need a Master’s to apply?

No, you do not need a Master’s qualification, though it would be desirable. We require a minimum of 2:1 (or equivalent) in a relevant subject. In exceptional circumstances a 2:2 will be considered where the applicant demonstrates considerable relevant experience and/or a Masters degree. 


15. What is the application process?

To be considered you must complete the online application, upload the required supporting documents for each of your degrees where applicable and your references must be uploaded. You must apply for a specific PhD project.


16. Should I speak to the supervisor of my chosen subject?

You are encouraged to enter into dialogue with the lead project supervisor prior to application.


17. Can I study remotely?

You cannot study remotely as the ACRC Academy PhD with Integrated Study is a cohort based thematic PhD that requires the students to work closely together. Students will have a desk at the Usher Building and will be expected to be at the centre for a significant portion of their time.


18. Can I apply for more than one PhD project?

No, you must select one project, and list this in the Research Project field under the Programme tab of your application. 


19. Can I study part time?

We are not able to offer part-time study for this intake as our funding does not permit this. 


20. What are the English language requirements?

You must demonstrate a level of English language competency at a level that will enable you to succeed in your studies, regardless of your nationality or country of residence. 

Please see the degree finder for the English-language requirements. Advanced Care PhD with Integrated Study | The University of Edinburgh


21. Do I have to apply separately for funding? 

No, an application to the Academy is automatically an application for funding. 


We hope that this FAQ address all of your administrative questions prior to submitting an application.

If you have a question not considered here then please send to